The Zeendoc solution


EDM - Electronic Document Management

A unique and modular solution that meets all needs.

Electronic Signature

Reduce the processing time and costs of your commercial contracts.

Electronic archiving

Dematerialize your governance meetings and secure your critical data.


Simplify your document management and optimize your business processes.

Electronic pay slip

The dematerialization of the pay slip is taken care of in a completely automated way.

Chorus Pro Suppliers

Automate the sending of your electronic invoices to local authorities and public institutions.

Dematerialization of the customer file

Save time, reduce costs.

Dematerialization of the supplier file

Simplify the tracking and management of your suppliers.

Electronic invoice

Simplify your daily life and that of your customers.

Expense reports

The EDM at the service of your expense reports and your employees on the move.

Accounting Export

Zeendoc automatically classifies and exports the invoices to your accounting software.

Dematerialization of the HR file

With Zeendoc, a successful dematerialization of your HR documents.

Mobile Application

Discover Zeendoc on smartphone and tablet.

Digitization of your business documents


Healthcare Professionals - HDS

Zeendoc hosts your data with an ISO 27001 and HDS certified host.

Regulated Professions

On a daily basis, Zeendoc accompanies lawyers, chartered accountants, clerks of court and notaries.

Local authorities and town halls

Digital transformation for local authorities and town halls.

Real estate sector

agencies, syndicates, managers, promoters.

Transport, logistics and messaging

Zeendoc at the service of the Transport / Logistics / Courier trades.

Industry of the future

EDM for the Industry sector.

Construction trades

Zeendoc at the service of the building: Sharing, dematerialization and administration.

Distribution and Trade

Zeendoc at the service of the actors of the Distribution.



To succeed in dematerialization is to be well advised, follow the guide!


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Definitions, explanations, key figures and analyses in a single document.

Customer Cases

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eBook - The 7 advantages of the GED

Discover our 1st eBook " The 7 advantages of EDM". Here, we address the subject of Electronic Document Management in its entirety.

everything you need to know about computerization

eBook - All about dematerialization

Discover our eBook "What is dematerialization?". Here we discuss the topic of document digitization in its entirety and its many benefits.

electronic signature

eBook - All about the Electronic Signature

Discover in our eBook, the stakes and advantages of the electronic signature! Definition, advantages and methodology.


eBook - CFO - 4 key points to choose your DMS

Discover the 4 key points to choose your Electronic Document Management software (special CFO/CAO).

how to save time

eBook - How to save time in your company?

Discover in this eBook, all the keys and advice to save time in your business.

document management

eBook - How to save time on managing your business documents?

Discover in this eBook, all the keys to quickly understand the challenges and benefits of Electronic Document Management for your business.

everything you need to know about computerization

eBook - Electronic invoicing mandatory from 2026

Discover our eBook "Mandatory Electronic Billing". Here, we discussregulations, implementation, benefits and security. Find out all about mandatory electronic invoicing in this comprehensive guide.




Discover how this company in the distribution and logistics sector has decreased by 50% its expenses related to document management in only 5 months !


Registry of the Commercial Court of Grasse

Find out how, in addition to a considerable time savings on all her processes, this clerk has considerably reduces paper consumption


The Cheesemaker's Plateau

Discover how Zeendoc has enabled a real space saving of storage, an time saving in the research of documents as well as a reduction in paper consumption and a securing of the data.


Pharmacy of the VIMEU VERT

Learn how ZEENDOC has ease of processing the company and enabled a time saving, d'space and tangible savings !




Find out how this company specializing in the trade of household goods has gained in effectiveness and in efficiency on all processes with ZEENDOC!



Find out how Reverdy achieved approximately 40% savings on document management in addition to a considerable time savings on supplier, customer & HR files.


MIRION Technologies

Learn how ZEENDOC has streamlined purchase requests The solution has been a great success and has saved time and money for the company. In addition, dematerialization has quickly freed up physical space while increasing the data security of the company.


Gen'AI test

Discover how ZEENDOC has dematerialized more than 8000 invoices the company and saved time and money. In addition, the digitization of more than 11,000 expense reports has resulted in a space saving and a more process fluidity.



Learn how ZEENDOC enabled the NCCN toeliminate 100% of paper linked to data collection and exchange, which has made it possible to increase process security which is almost impossible when information is in paper form.


Hirsch Transport

Learn how ZEENDOC has cut typing and search time in half with automatic document recognition. The company has also significantly reduced its postal costs by 70% with Zeendoc.



Learn how ZEENDOC has Saves Time in the Sales Order Management Department linked the control sheet and the weighing detail document to create the delivery note and then the invoice.

town hall

Saint-Félix-de-Lodez City Hall

Discover how ZEENDOC has Enabled telecommuting and remote access to a single document base. In addition, the software has proven to be accessible, ergonomic and adaptable for a community.


AAZ Laboratories

Find out how ZEENDOC has enabled save time and storage space but is also part of a new approach to enterprise digitalization.



Learn how ZEENDOC and its HDS labeling has been a key factor in Save time on filing and searching of information about patient data.


Cabinet Landry

Learn how ZEENDOC helped Landry Conseil, an accounting firm, fully digitize processes manage more clients and achieve the "paperless" goal.

marne et gondoire

Marne et Gondoire

Find out how ZEENDOC made their their mail/email processing tool to evolve simply and efficientlywhile innovating to save time and simplify processing.



Find out how ZEENDOC has helped create a time savings and an ergonomics of work thanks to its 100% SaaS software and the included text retrieval tool.

opus group

Opus Group

Find out how ZEENDOC has enabled the digitization of our partner's 3 structures. in a few clicks on a computer or telephone.

maas sas


Find out how ZEENDOC has proven to be the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that allows a dematerialization adapted to the needs.



Learn how ZEENDOC helped this user Saves approximately 1-2 hours per secretary per day.




Learn how ZEENDOC has strengthened the security and reliability of information of the Aquadim company.




Find out how ZEENDOC allows a time saving of about 40%. on employees' work time. All in reducing paper consumption by 50%. in the company.



Find out how ZEENDOC enables a considerable time savings while guaranteeing secure fast and secure access to documents.




Find out how ZEENDOC helped Ose dematerialize its processes, resulting in time savings of over 85%..





Find out everything you need to know about Electronic Document Management !


The dematerialization of the supplier file

Find out everything you need to know about dematerialization of the supplier file in a DMS!

HR brochure

The dematerialization of the HR file

Find out everything you need to know about human resources dematerialization in a DMS!


security brochuressecurity

Data security

Find out everything you need to know about security in a DMS!



The dematerialization of pay slips

Find out everything you need to know about electronic pay slip dematerialization in a DMS!



The dematerialization of the customer file

Find out everything you need to know about dematerialization of the customer file in a DMS!



Turnkey Digitization

Find out everything you need to know about document digitization !




The advantages of the dematerialization of the supplier file

The dematerialization provides instant visibility of your situation with respect to a supplier, improves invoice processingallows you to better share and exchange information internally and externally.


The benefits of HR dematerialization

Visit dematerialization of human resources is at the heart of companies' digital transformation. Soon a must and modernizing the company, this digital processing project offers numerous advantages.


The advantages of dematerializing the customer file

Dematerialization is at the heart of the digital transformation of companies. Unavoidable and modernizing the company, this digital processing project has many advantages.

e-bill reform-min

How can you calmly prepare for the reform of mandatory invoicing?

In this infographic, we take a look at mandatory electronic invoicing. What is it about? What are the deadlines? What are the advantages of the process for your company? How do you prepare for it?



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