Distribution and Trade

The distribution sector, with its constant and important flows, has a large quantity of documents to handle and analyze for a good management of stocks, products, shelves, customer and supplier relations, employees ...

Zeendoc accompanies you in several approaches:

  • Productivity gain in the management of the points of sale
  • Dematerialization of your purchases of goods
  • Simplify your human resources management

Productivity gain in the management of the points of sale

You can upload in Zeendoc your paper or digital documents (including e-mails), as well as your archives of all formats by scanning them in from any scanner or copier, by e-mail or virtual printer. You keep quick and easy access to your old documents. These are securely hosted and backed up in data centers in France.

  • Archiving in a centralized repository of all your documents (purchase order, delivery note, invoice, schedule, schedule, complaint form, planogram ...) with automatic recognition and classification in the appropriate file
  • Saves time in searching for documents thanks to the multi-criteria search engine(by word, name, date, product, BL, batch number ...). Facilitates the extraction of the necessary document at the time, in particular in the event of control of the DGCCRF (statement of temperature, of batch...)
  • Instant sharing of documents between employees or different sales outlets with tracking of changes. For example, sharing the latest competitive pricing information in the catchment area for quick price adjustments.
  • Unlimited number of users with access rights management according to users and documents, with the possibility of simultaneous connections
  • Automatic creation of numerous validation actions and assignment of tasks to the managers of the different teams with a validation circuit (orders, deliveries, payments, etc.)

Save time thanks to faster validation of your accounting, commercial and maintenance documents.

With Zeendoc, the quality department also gains in productivity!

Archive documents with batch numbers for the entire life of the product and be alerted when the shelf life expires. Find in one click the document corresponding to the batch in case of problem.

Dematerialization of your goods purchases

In the distribution sector, you have many suppliers, purchases via central purchasing agencies and direct purchases, which generate a large quantity of invoices. Zeendoc facilitates the time-consuming management of your numerous invoices, increases your productivity and allows a better control.


  • upload your paper or digital invoices directly into Zeendoc with automatic reading of essential information (supplier, code, product reference, quantity, amount, etc.)
  • Instant visibility of your situation with respect to a supplier, a service provider
  • Quick search of all documents of a direct / local supplier in the same file (purchase orders and deliveries, invoices, commercial agreements, catalogs ...)
  • Control and follow-up of shipments (follow-up of receipts, reminders) and payment deadlines
  • Linking invoices with delivery notes in a single file 
  • Implementation of validation circuits for the processing and payment of invoices
  • Accounting allocation proposed according to your habits
  • Exports entries to your accounting software, which avoids double entry
  • Access to your accountant for invoices if needed  
  • Assignment of order lines from ERP systems to your invoices, which allows line-by-line comparison

Simplify your human resources management

The dematerialization of your numerous HR documents with Zeendoc facilitates the daily life of your services and saves time in an environment where temporary employment and turnover are high.


  • Centralize in a single secure space: the documents of your employees (employment contract, salary slip, forms for requests for leave, sick leave, work accident declarations, annual interviews, etc.) and internal documents (staff register, staff delegate register, procedures, internal regulations, etc.)
  • Optimize the management of your HR with the implementation of an alert system on the deadlines of documents(end of trial period, fixed-term contract, residence permit...), on the dates of medical visits ...
  • Share with a secure link the TRTs (task distribution tables) of the employees with the relevant department managers
  • Find for an immediate need thanks to the search engine in your CVèque a candidate with a precise know-how (head of department, cashier, butcher, security guard...)
  • Electronically sign employment contracts
  • Automate the validation procedures for leave request forms, expense reports, etc.
  • Send electronic pay slips with archival value
  • Facilitate the exchange of documents between you, your employees and external service providers (recruitment agencies, temporary employment agencies ...)

Get the most out of your business information!

Take advantage of Zeendoc, the EDM solution for VSEs/SMEs

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