The Zeendoc solution


EDM - Electronic Document Management

A unique and modular solution that meets all needs.

Electronic Signature

Reduce the processing time and costs of your commercial contracts.

Electronic archiving

Dematerialize your governance meetings and secure your critical data.


Simplify your document management and optimize your business processes.

Electronic pay slip

The dematerialization of the pay slip is taken care of in a completely automated way.

Chorus Pro Suppliers

Automate the sending of your electronic invoices to local authorities and public institutions.

Dematerialization of the customer file

Save time, reduce costs.

Dematerialization of the supplier file

Simplify the tracking and management of your suppliers.

Electronic invoice

Simplify your daily life and that of your customers.

Expense reports

The EDM at the service of your expense reports and your employees on the move.

Accounting Export

Zeendoc automatically classifies and exports the invoices to your accounting software.

Dematerialization of the HR file

With Zeendoc, a successful dematerialization of your HR documents.

Mobile Application

Discover Zeendoc on smartphone and tablet.

Digitization of your business documents


Healthcare Professionals - HDS

Zeendoc hosts your data with an ISO 27001 and HDS certified host.

Regulated Professions

On a daily basis, Zeendoc accompanies lawyers, chartered accountants, clerks of court and notaries.

Local authorities and town halls

Digital transformation for local authorities and town halls.

Real estate sector

agencies, syndicates, managers, promoters.

Transport, logistics and messaging

Zeendoc at the service of the Transport / Logistics / Courier trades.

Industry of the future

EDM for the Industry sector.

Construction trades

Zeendoc at the service of the building: Sharing, dematerialization and administration.

Distribution and Trade

Zeendoc at the service of the actors of the Distribution.



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Healthcare Professionals - HDS


Zeendoc hosts your data with an ISO 27001 and HDS certified host


The management of archives in the medical environment is strictly regulated. Since April 1, 2018 the approval from the Ministry of Health that an HDS had to obtain has been replaced by a certification from a certifying body accredited by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC) or any equivalent body at the European level.

Zeendoc has an HDS hosting with AZ Network which obtained the new certification in 2019: ISO 27001 and HDS. These two certifications were issued by AFNOR. AZ Network's HDS certification covers activities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6*.

Our Healthcare HDS offer enables you to handle the entire digitization, archiving and data access process, while respecting business and legal constraints.

*They include:

  • The provision and maintenance in operational condition of the physical sites allowing to host the material infrastructure of the information system used for the processing of health data;
  • The provision and maintenance in operational condition of the physical infrastructure of the information system used for the processing of health data;
  • The provision and maintenance in operational condition of the hosting platform for the information system applications;
  • The provision and maintenance in operational condition of the virtual infrastructure of the information system used for the processing of health data;
  • Administration and operation of the information system containing health data;
  • Backup of health data.

The HDS Zeendoc health EDM offer

EXPLOIT your sensitive data in total security

Dematerialize and exploit all the data that are on different media (paper, digital, email, etc.).

Our application centralizes these documents in a single database, automatically analyzes and classifies the information for immediate and easy access.

From your computer, tablet or smartphone, access your Electronic Document Management (EDM ) and quickly and accurately find information about a file or patient.

You can comment on it, and set up a document consultation or circulation process with access rights management differentiated by colleagues or departments concerned. The Zeendoc offer includes unlimited user access managed by your administrator.


Health or medico-social establishments, health professionals, the Zeendoc EDM will save you time and simplify your daily life while respecting your needs for confidentiality, reliability and security of patient files.

This sensitive data has been the preferred "prey" of forgers and hackers for several years. Zeendoc and its partners ensure an increased security of the information.

All of the health data on Zeendoc is hosted by our partner AZNetwork, HADS since 2013.


  • Productivity gains forarchiving and filing of patient records;
  • Save space, less paper storage;
  • No more errors or data loss;
  • Consistency and therefore quality of the data attached to a patient;
  • Time saving in the search for information;
  • Mobile data access (and collection in some cases).



Bring your business into the digital age with a unique tool

in the document management market.

Get the most out of your business information!
Take advantage of Zeendoc, the EDM solution for VSEs/SMEs

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