The Zeendoc solution


EDM - Electronic Document Management

A unique and modular solution that meets all needs.

Electronic Signature

Reduce the processing time and costs of your commercial contracts.

Electronic archiving

Dematerialize your governance meetings and secure your critical data.


Simplify your document management and optimize your business processes.

Electronic pay slip

The dematerialization of the pay slip is taken care of in a completely automated way.

Chorus Pro Suppliers

Automate the sending of your electronic invoices to local authorities and public institutions.

Dematerialization of the customer file

Save time, reduce costs.

Dematerialization of the supplier file

Simplify the tracking and management of your suppliers.

Electronic invoice

Simplify your daily life and that of your customers.

Expense reports

The EDM at the service of your expense reports and your employees on the move.

Accounting Export

Zeendoc automatically classifies and exports the invoices to your accounting software.

Dematerialization of the HR file

With Zeendoc, a successful dematerialization of your HR documents.

Mobile Application

Discover Zeendoc on smartphone and tablet.

Digitization of your business documents


Healthcare Professionals - HDS

Zeendoc hosts your data with an ISO 27001 and HDS certified host.

Regulated Professions

On a daily basis, Zeendoc accompanies lawyers, chartered accountants, clerks of court and notaries.

Local authorities and town halls

Digital transformation for local authorities and town halls.

Real estate sector

agencies, syndicates, managers, promoters.

Transport, logistics and messaging

Zeendoc at the service of the Transport / Logistics / Courier trades.

Industry of the future

EDM for the Industry sector.

Construction trades

Zeendoc at the service of the building: Sharing, dematerialization and administration.

Distribution and Trade

Zeendoc at the service of the actors of the Distribution.



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Dematerialization of the customer file

From the signature

payment tracking

The solution for automating your document processes related to the management of your customers

Signing of contracts, capture of additional elements to the customer file, processing of invoices, filing of data, research and link with other documents in the customer cycle, management of shipments, payment control, disputes...

These tasks are time consuming for your company. Zeendoc allows you to drastically reduce the time spent on these operations.


Automatic capture and filing of your documents

Your commercial and financial services will save time. Once deposited in Zeendoc, the documents will be automatically classified by our tool, thanks to its recognition technology, without any other intervention from the user. The application will read and retain the entire content of the documents (thus allowing you to search for any word or phrase in your documents), the document is automatically classified according to the different criteria that you have determined.

Unique and shared document base

The same level of information, notably with the completeness of the files to verify the presence of all the documents in a file. Zeendoc is responsible for reconciling and creating a link between the elements that make up the same file(order form, BL, etc.). Your sales representatives, ADV, etc. all have access to the same information.

Backup and security

At upload in Zeendoc, each document is time-stamped and archived to guarantee its authenticity and integrity. The document is duplicated in PDF/A format and preserved in its original version. Users access a copy of the document. Whatever actions they perform, the original stored within Zeendoc is not impacted.


The electronic signature of commercial contracts

From Zeendoc, select the document and choose the sending mode, either simultaneously to all the recipients or in sequential mode. You determine the validity period of the document and send it. Each signatory receives the contract by email with a secure link.
After viewing the entire document and validating it, an authentication code is sent by SMS to the signatory's cell phone to guarantee his identity and electronically sign the document. Online monitoring of signature status (pending, signed or refused) by recipient allows you to be informed in real time of the progress of the file.
Once the contract is signed by all the recipients, it is automatically archived in Zeendoc.


The digital handwritten signature on a tablet or smartphone

"Easily sign digitally, wherever you are and whenever you want, unregulated documents such as delivery notes, repair orders. No more lost documents or time, the information is immediately transmitted to your company and allows for quick invoicing.

Documentary validation circuit

You can set up a circulation process that facilitates validation by the people involved. You can also comment on your documents and set up alerts or reminders to reduce processing times and speed up invoicing.
You keep control of your documents by managing the access rights or actions of your employees.


Remote access for your employees and contractors

Access in SAAS mode from a simple browser with no hardware or software to install or maintain.
Employees working from home or on the road can securely access company data 7 days a week.
You can manage your service providers' access to your cabinet and specify the documents accessible to each of them.
It is also possible to send documents by email through a secure link.

Our Zeendoc application allows you to consult, share data or check, for example, the processing of an invoice on your mobile or tablet anywhere and at any time.


The customer invoice

Zeendoc allows the instantaneous distribution of all your invoices by automatically associating the related documents if necessary. No more typing or risk of error, the address of the recipients is automatically identified, e-mail or physical according to the sending mode associated with each customer.

The electronic invoice is a document created from a digital tool, sent and received in electronic format.

The legislation requires the company that receives an electronic invoice to accept it (Macron Law of August 6, 2015). If you choose to keep the customer invoice in paper format, the tool manages the transmission by post via a desktop publishing center.
If your company is a supplier to a public institution. Zeendoc simplifies your invoicing process thanks to the Chorus Pro connector. Manage the automation of the sending from a single interface.
In a few clicks, you instantly send all your invoices to the Chorus Pro portal. The status of your invoice will be automatically updated in Zeendoc as soon as a modification of its current status in Chorus Pro is made without having to connect to Chorus Pro.

Legal compliance: Zeendoc options

Is electronic invoicing a legal obligation or an opportunity to gain in efficiency and simplicity? A bit of both...

Zeendoc offers you 2 complete and regulatory solutions for the dematerialization of customer invoices and the respect of conservation deadlines.

How do I choose?
Do I have enough documentation to establish a reliable audit trail or do I need to use an electronic signature?

The Reliable Audit Trail

You're guaranteed to provide a "reliable audit trail", a legal prerequisite for dematerialization. When you deposit an invoice in Zeendoc, it is dematerialized, filed and linked to all supporting documents. With a single click, you can trace and justify the transaction (quotation, purchase order, delivery note, etc.). In this way, you create a chronological link in the invoicing process, a "reliable audit trail" that will give legal value to your electronic invoice.
By allocating a unique digital footprint to your invoice, and time-stamping each of the actions of upload and then sending the document electronically, Zeendoc guarantees its integrity and authenticity, while generating a durable pdf/A version.

Electronic signature of customer invoices

Electronic invoices can be signed with an RGS** certificate, before being sent to your customers and archived for 10 years in an electronic safe with probative value. You can send your dematerialized invoices to your customers quickly and easily, via secure access. upload With the use of an electronic signature, you don't need to set up audit trail controls.
When sending and receiving electronic invoices, Zeendoc supports the Factur-x format. This mixed format consists of an invoice readable in PDF format, for conventional user processing, and a structured XML file containing all the essential data enabling information systems to perform automated accounting reconciliation. This system will facilitate your international transactions by overcoming language barriers.


Customer history and follow-up

Secure transmission allows for optimal traceability of sending and consultation, as well as the ability to create alerts to monitor in real time the processing of invoices to be sent, not received or not consulted. In just a few clicks, you have instant visibility of your situation with your customer. Your exchanges and processing times with them improve thanks to Automated processing of your invoices. You reduce your risks of error or omission.

Collection and cash flow improvement

Dematerialization also leads to a faster processing of your customers, a follow-up of the payment and allows a reduction of the average time of payment of the invoices thus improving your treasury.
It also allows a significant gain in productivity. Accounting departments spend about a third of their time manually entering invoices.
The automation of the collection process allows you to anticipate with the automatic sending of pre-reminders a few days before the due date of the invoice, to adapt a reminder strategy according to the type of customer, to centralize customer information (invoices, messages, history...),
. The resolution of disputes is accelerated and, at the same time, the customer experience is improved

Gateway to your software: Import of accounting entries in your sales journals.

No more double entry, an automatic imputation is proposed according to your chart of accounts and the entries are exported to your accounting software, in the adapted format.


Zeendoc archives all the documents of your organization. Once archived, the information contained in these documents is collected in order to help you make better decisions and create value.

The Excel export

The intelligent document reading system allows you to easily extract key data from your documents to use them in a summary table: evolution of orders, monthly reporting... You choose the information and trigger the creation of your dashboard.


Choose the comparison and value fields, as well as the type of graph you want. For financial reporting (e.g. invoicing by customer...) The results are displayed in the form of a graph.

Get the most out of your business information!

Take advantage of Zeendoc, the EDM solution for VSEs/SMEs

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