The Zeendoc solution


EDM - Electronic Document Management

A unique and modular solution that meets all needs.

Electronic Signature

Reduce the processing time and costs of your commercial contracts.

Electronic archiving

Dematerialize your governance meetings and secure your critical data.


Simplify your document management and optimize your business processes.

Electronic pay slip

The dematerialization of the pay slip is taken care of in a completely automated way.

Chorus Pro Suppliers

Automate the sending of your electronic invoices to local authorities and public institutions.

Dematerialization of the customer file

Save time, reduce costs.

Dematerialization of the supplier file

Simplify the tracking and management of your suppliers.

Electronic invoice

Simplify your daily life and that of your customers.

Expense reports

The EDM at the service of your expense reports and your employees on the move.

Accounting Export

Zeendoc automatically classifies and exports the invoices to your accounting software.

Dematerialization of the HR file

With Zeendoc, a successful dematerialization of your HR documents.

Mobile Application

Discover Zeendoc on smartphone and tablet.

Digitization of your business documents


Healthcare Professionals - HDS

Zeendoc hosts your data with an ISO 27001 and HDS certified host.

Regulated Professions

On a daily basis, Zeendoc accompanies lawyers, chartered accountants, clerks of court and notaries.

Local authorities and town halls

Digital transformation for local authorities and town halls.

Real estate sector

agencies, syndicates, managers, promoters.

Transport, logistics and messaging

Zeendoc at the service of the Transport / Logistics / Courier trades.

Industry of the future

EDM for the Industry sector.

Construction trades

Zeendoc at the service of the building: Sharing, dematerialization and administration.

Distribution and Trade

Zeendoc at the service of the actors of the Distribution.



To succeed in dematerialization is to be well advised, follow the guide!


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Bring your business into the digital era.

Go paperless, share documents with your team or partners, and process all your documents in a single database. Access all the information you need in a few seconds, at any time and anywhere, from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Zeendoc GED is the information management and exploitation application that provides a quick and effective response to the issues of archiving and classifying documents in a company.

  • Centralise all information in a single document base
  • Zeendoc automatically analyses and indexes documents
  • Zeendoc protects and secures your information


Securely search and share all information from company documents and optimise processing and exchange processes.

  • Make your information accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Find your documents in a few seconds
  • Distribute, share and increase your productivity

Safety at the heart of our priorities

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Integrity check

Via SHA3 control, a digital fingerprint of the document is calculated at upload and stored on a different medium.

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Security & encryption

The stored data is encrypted (AES protocol, ISO/IEC 18033-3) with a client-specific key, itself encrypted with the user's password.

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Redundant backups

Data hosted in France in two geographically distant, high-availability data centers.

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Our development teams design "turnkey" solutions taking into account the specificities of each business.
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Published by Sages Informatique, Zeendoc SAAS software is 100% designed and developed in France.

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A low-carbon Electronic Document Management solution (carbon footprint 2022 and 2023).


Be Green & Zeen like Zeendoc and turn to Electronic Document Management with a reduced carbon impact.

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