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Electronic pay slip

Directly from Zeendoc, you manage the distribution and archiving of electronic pay slips

Electronic pay slips are increasingly being used by companies of all sizes to send out their employees' salary information in a paperless manner. There are many advantages to using electronic pay stubs over paper versions. Convenient for employees, who can access their paystubs anywhere, anytime, simply by logging into their online account. Electronic paystubs are also more secure, as they can be password protected and cannot be easily lost or stolen like paper versions.

By using electronic pay slips, companies can also save time and money by automating certain payroll-related tasks, such as the payroll calculator and updating employee records.

The dematerialization of the pay slip is taken care of in a completely automated way.

The switch to dematerialization allows you to optimize the traceability and confidentiality of your documents in just a few clicks and to eliminate non-value added tasks.

Benefits for all


  • Reduced printing, postage and storage costs
  • Reduction of the ecological footprint, by eliminating paper and transport
  • Have a modern EDM solution that contributes to a dynamic image of your company in line with the new behaviors related to digital technologies
  • Refocusing the company on higher value-added activities


Human Resources Department

  • A solution that complies with the El Khomri law (50-year archiving of newsletters in a digital safe, electronic signature, time stamping)
  • Elimination of time-consuming tasks: productivity gains with optimized processing, automated distribution and simplified archiving
  • Traceability and security of exchanges
  • Simplified search and permanent access to employee files in a unique and secure space



  • Secure access to digital pay slips at any time, from an Internet-connected PC or tablet/smartphone
  • Personal and secure Zeendoc space to find all the documents (work contract, pay slips, internal regulations, ....) provided by your company
  • Confidentiality of exchanges and security against loss of documents or access by an unauthorized third party
  • Archiving of newsletters in a personal digital safe
  • An electronic original, indisputable and opposable to any organization (pension funds, banking and financial institutions...)

Compliance with the Labour Law

Compliance with the labor law, Zeendoc...

Ensures data integrity, availability, confidentiality and accessibility

  • The report is automatically placed in the employee's secure personal safe, accessible 24/7, with an electronic archiving system (Caisse des Dépôts) for a guaranteed minimum duration of 50 years, even if the employee leaves the company.
  • In accordance with article L3243-2 of the French Labour Code, pay slips given to employees electronically will be signed electronically beforehand (electronic certificate) in order to guarantee their integrity: you will have an electronic copy enabling you to assert your rights in the long term.

It is under these conditions that the electronic pay slip acquires its legal value, equivalent to that of its paper predecessor.

Legal reminder: The Electronic Pay Statement

The decree n°2016-1762, which came into force on January 1, 2017, frames the dematerialization of pay slips and their accessibility.

The employer must meet the following conditions:

  • Duty to inform - The employer must inform its employees of the upcoming changes at least 1 month before the effective implementation. The latter are free to express their right of opposition if they wish to keep a paper bulletin.
  • Duty to object - Employees have the right to refuse an electronic pay slip, either before or after its implementation. The change must be taken into account by Human Resources within 3 months.
  • Readable format and long-term archiving - Report cards are issued in a readable, perennial format (PDF), electronically signed to ensure integrity, and stored for 50 years or until the employee turns 75."

Process of dematerialization of the payslip

The provision of an electronic safe to have a secure access to the dematerialized pay slips with a total management of the various concepts (withholding tax, employee contributions, social security and other mandatory mentions).

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