The Zeendoc solution


EDM - Electronic Document Management

A unique and modular solution that meets all needs.

Electronic Signature

Reduce the processing time and costs of your commercial contracts.

Electronic archiving

Dematerialize your governance meetings and secure your critical data.


Simplify your document management and optimize your business processes.

Electronic pay slip

The dematerialization of the pay slip is taken care of in a completely automated way.

Chorus Pro Suppliers

Automate the sending of your electronic invoices to local authorities and public institutions.

Dematerialization of the customer file

Save time, reduce costs.

Dematerialization of the supplier file

Simplify the tracking and management of your suppliers.

Electronic invoice

Simplify your daily life and that of your customers.

Expense reports

The EDM at the service of your expense reports and your employees on the move.

Accounting Export

Zeendoc automatically classifies and exports the invoices to your accounting software.

Dematerialization of the HR file

With Zeendoc, a successful dematerialization of your HR documents.

Mobile Application

Discover Zeendoc on smartphone and tablet.

Digitization of your business documents


Healthcare Professionals - HDS

Zeendoc hosts your data with an ISO 27001 and HDS certified host.

Regulated Professions

On a daily basis, Zeendoc accompanies lawyers, chartered accountants, clerks of court and notaries.

Local authorities and town halls

Digital transformation for local authorities and town halls.

Real estate sector

agencies, syndicates, managers, promoters.

Transport, logistics and messaging

Zeendoc at the service of the Transport / Logistics / Courier trades.

Industry of the future

EDM for the Industry sector.

Construction trades

Zeendoc at the service of the building: Sharing, dematerialization and administration.

Distribution and Trade

Zeendoc at the service of the actors of the Distribution.



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Dematerialization of the supplier file

Simplify the follow-up and management of your suppliers

Zeendoc provides you with instant visibility of your situation with regard to a supplier, improves the processing of invoices, and allows you to better share and exchange information internally and with suppliers.

Capture of your supplier documents

It all starts when you receive a document from your supplier, either in paper format by post, or in electronic format by e-mail or downloadable from a supplier's platform.
upload offers a wide range of fast solutions, adapted to all types of media.

  • Paper: Whatever their format (CB ticket, A4, A3, A0, ...) and compatible with all scanners and copiers
  • Electronic document: Directly from your workstation or from your email.
  • Invoice Collector: Not all invoices are received by email or mail, some are only available in the customer areas on your suppliers' sites. Automate the collection of these invoices by connecting your customer spaces directly to Zeendoc.
  • Factur-X format taken into account at upload, the information in the XML file will be retrieved.

Factur-X: The new European standard for electronic invoicing

Factur-X is the French name for the new German-French hybrid e-invoicing standard, which is currently available free of charge in version 1.0. The current and complete version of Factur-X in France is the EN 16931 version. It is equivalent to the ZUGFeRD 2.1 specifications and includes the requirements of CIUS X Invoice 1.2 compatible with the German authorities and Chorus Pro in France.

France, in association with Germany, has developed the hybrid format ZUGFeRD 2.1 / Factur-X to make electronic data exchange accessible to all companies, regardless of their size or potential resources. This standard combines the two most widely used invoice formats: XML & PDF/3. By providing a detailed view of the information and the structured form of the invoice format, Factur-X creates added value for suppliers and billing parties. The National Forum for Electronic Billing and Procurement (FNFE-MPE) is continuously working to improve and maintain this billing standard.

Secure backup, automatic reading and filing

Backup and security for your documents: At upload in Zeendoc, each document is time-stamped, encrypted and archived to guarantee its authenticity and integrity. It is duplicated in PDF/A format, so whatever actions a user performs on the copy of the document, the original stored within Zeendoc will not be impacted.

Automatic reading and filing: The relevant information (supplier, dates, amounts, reference...) is read automatically and the document is filed according to the supplier or the different criteria you have determined.

Validation circuit: You can comment, set up a circulation or validation process for supplier documents by the people concerned, create reminder or payment alerts. You keep control of your documents by managing the access rights and roles of your employees (consultation, downloading, validation, deletion, etc.). A complete history per document allows you to consult the actions performed on the document.

Richness and reliability

Thanks to its unique system of digitization, classification and research, Zeendoc allows instant access to information, whether it is a series of electronic invoices over a given period or a complete history.

Linking documents in a single file

The Zeendoc EDM solution analyzes documents, recognizes common data to create folders that group together all the information relating to a supplier that you can find with a simple click.

Accelerated management

The circulation of quotes, purchase orders and invoices allows you to clearly identify the role of the different collaborators and to set up an efficient validation circuit. From control to payment, through validation and assured traceability.

History / Supplier follow-up

In a few clicks, you have instant visibility of your situation with your supplier.
Your exchanges and processing times with them improve thanks to the automated processing of your invoices. You reduce the risk of errors or omissions.

Excel export and chart production

The intelligent reading system allows you to easily extract the classification data or the properties of your documents to use them in a summary table: evolution of expenses, monthly reporting... You choose the information and trigger the creation of your dashboard in a few clicks. Moreover, the Zeendoc tool allows you to display your different data in the form of graphs.

Gateway and export of accounting entries to your software

No more double entry, an automatic imputation is proposed according to your chart of accounts, then the entries are exported to your accounting software, in the adapted format.
Before importing the file, Zeendoc automatically proposes to :

  • Mark the documents, to avoid the risk of exporting the same entries twice.
  • Check the balancing of allocations between credit and debit amounts and, if an error is detected, access the invoice with one click to verify the accounting allocation.

The Zeendoc EDM solution is compatible with 98% of the accounting software on the market (non-exhaustive list).


Also known as Purchase to Pay, this refers to a company's activity flow extending from the purchase requisition to payment of the associated supplier invoice.

Zeendoc manages the main phases of dematerialization and automation of the purchasing process.

Purchase requisition form and creation of a purchase order

Zeendoc simplifies your purchase requisition process by integrating a fully customizable form with your logo, stamp or CGA. You can pre-register several invoicing and delivery sites, the person or persons responsible for validation, as well as your various suppliers. 

Once the requisition has been completed, the validator is alerted on his dashboard of a requisition to be validated. Once the requisition has been validated, it is automatically transformed into a purchase order

You can then instantly send your purchase order to your suppliers directly from Zeendoc, and monitor receipt and reading. 

Linking documents

Zeendoc analyzes and recognizes common document data to create a file that groups all the information relating to an invoice (quotation, order form, delivery note, etc.).

Compare footer amounts between linked documents

Zeendoc makes it easy to check and validate invoices, identifying in just a few clicks whether the amounts between an order and the linked invoice match.

SEPA file generation

Once invoices have been validated, Zeendoc generates a file in SEPA format for import into your payment software, or into your bank's website, to trigger transfers to your suppliers.

The advantages of dematerializing invoices


Thanks to a unique system of capture, classification and research, dematerialization offers many benefits in the treatment of supplier documents. There are many advantages to using an EDM for the management of your invoices, below,
7 examples of benefits for companies:

  • REDUCTION OF INDIRECT COSTS: Errors, storage, paper purchase and processing...
  • TIME SAVING: Automatic filing of documents and reduction of invoice control time
  • SIMPLIFICATION OF PROCESSES: Creation of a file that gathers all the information, implementation of a validation circuit, traceability of operations and alerts on deadlines
  • Take advantage of a practical tool and facilitate your remote exchanges (telecommuting, travel, etc.)
  • Maintain your image with your suppliers and accountants with a modern and French solution
  • CASH FLOW: Faster daily access to your data and account management: accounting breakdown and export
  • REDUCING THE CARBON FOOTPRINT: by eliminating paper and transport

The processing of supplier documents is improved through our supplier invoice dematerialization software.

Get the most out of your business information!

Take advantage of Zeendoc, the EDM solution for VSEs/SMEs

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